Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Snowman

I guess you can tell from my header that I have a special fondness for snowmen.  So it's little wonder why one of my all-time favorite holiday specials is the animated version of the children's book by Raymond Briggs entitled, "The Snowman."

If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and Google it so you can watch a few scenes online.  It's absolutely beautiful, with a heartwarming story of friendship between a little boy and the snowman he builds one magical day.  There's no dialogue in this special...and yet it completely captivates & holds  one's attention...even my three year old! 

I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as we do!


  1. I adore Raymond Briggs' books! I discovered them many years ago when the children were young. We have The Snowman (it was a gift); and I've always looked for Father Christmas. Have you read that one? It's delightful with Father Christmas going off to France on vacation after his holiday work is over (& getting sick from too much lobster and wine)! Thanks for reminding me to re-read his books.

  2. I haven't seen this one...I am going to have to look for it...thanks Judy!


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