Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Doggie Birthday

In our house, pets are parts of our family ~ and as family members, special occasions are marked for them just as they would for any of their human counterparts! They get Christmas presents, have their own stockings, and we give them presents for their birthdays!

I always try to do something special for each of them just to celebrate the joy that they bring to our home and family.

For my dog Oliver's 12th Birthday in 2008, I made a memorable doggie-shaped cake!  Using frozen pound cakes that I simply cut and stacked into the shape of a West Highland White terrier and matching doggie bone. 

The doggie cake was frosted with white buttercream frosting (black frosting accents on the nose and the eyes), and the bone was coated in melted chocolate (Please note: chocolate is not safe for dogs!  We ate the bone cake - not the dogs!!!)  Although it's not doggie-recommended, our dogs were each given small, doggie bite-size pieces of the Westie cake.  I wouldn't recommend any pet devouring a sugary confection made for people, but we made an exception for this special occasion with no dire consequences (thankfully!) 

I tied a simple plaid ribbon around the neck for added cuteness!

Ollie and his sister, Angel loved it - and so did we!

It took only about an hour and a half to put together from start to finish,
and that was with my toddler son underfoot, trying to "help." :)

People get such a kick out of this, 
and I think it would be adorable even for a child's birthday party!


  1. How adorable! We too celebrate doggie birthdays and enjoy every minute of it!!

  2. Judy, this is adorable...just precious. I love that you celebrate with your four legged babies; we do too. Our Annie and Missy are part of our family.

    Missy is truly a live wire and tries my patience no end!!!! But, oh my, I love her dearly.

    The cake makes me smile!!!!!

    I see that Patty has joined you.....Judy, you will love her. She is very special.

    Sending a hug,

  3. Oh my goodness, that is SO CUTE!!! I love the doggie part of the cake especially! You're so talented, you should really start selling cakes you've done! So glad you enjoyed a fun time of celebration with your family, you're making wonderful memories!

  4. I love this cake!

    We celebrate adoption days now... since we aren't for certain of the birthday.

  5. This is the sweetest little cake and it looks just like OLIVER! What an adorable little Oliver!! We have scotties and love them so much. Like you, they are an integral part of our family with plenty of spoils to boot!!

    Sharon, Fiber Doodles, linked me to your blog. Glad to find you!


  6. I adore this cake and your sweet pup. Oh my. I forwarded this on to my dog lover friend and she loved it as well. So sweet!

  7. That little doggie cake is about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  8. You could go into business making those cakes!! AWESOME!!

  9. ADORABLE!! And yes, I agree, the little bow adds just the perfect extra degree of cuteness. I LOVE it. I feel a bit guilty that I haven't paid as much attention to our pup's birthday by making him his own cake. Certainly he would devour it off the counter before I finished, and it would be one time that I couldn't get upset. He's a bit of a naughty chocolate lab! Thanks for finding me and sharing your special cake. Love the pictures of Oliver with his cake - no way would my dog sit in front of a cake without eating it!


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